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Hybrid Book Publishing

  • Your Message Delivered
  • Build a Platform
  • Become a Trusted Authority
pic-1-fancyEveryone has a book in them that needs to get out. Work with our team of highly skilled authors, graphic designers and book marketing experts to get your new book into the hands of thousands. Publishing your book has never been easier as our team knows how to work with you to help you finish and design your book the way you want it. This is a full done-for-you solution where we do all of the hard work and you direct the show. The overall process takes just a few short weeks. During that time, you work with us to decide how you want the interior and the cover to look like in your book. We then do all of the heavy lifting to get it published and printed for you. We will even help you strategize how to use your book to build a platform of followers that you can market a product or service to.

How It Works: Simple & Easy

We schedule a series of phone calls or Skype calls with you to discuss the various steps of your project. within a few short weeks, your new book has been designed, the layout is ready and we can send your new book out for print.
Step 1
  • Initial Detail Gathering Consultation Call
Step 2
  • Feedback on Initial Cover Design
Step 3
  • Cover Design & Internal Formatting
Step 4
  • Registration & Distribution Phase
The process for publishing your new book is very simple and involves splitting the project into 4 main steps. First we have an initial consultation call with you to discuss the overall project. On this call you describe to us the intricate details of how you want your book to look, feel, or speak to your readers. You explain to us exactly what the book is about and who your target market for the book is. If you are not too sure about anything at this stage, you will work with one of our marketing experts to define these. We then get to work designing the overall layout of your cover.

At this point, you take a look at the new layout, look and feel for the cover of your new book that we just designed and we have our second phone call which is the feedback on initial design call. On this call, we go over the overall look and feel and make sure that it is in line with exactly who your target clientele is and that it is what you originally had in mind for your book. On the second part of this call, we go over the technical requirements for your new book so that we can start the internal formatting and sizing of your content.

In this next step, you work with someone from our design team to finalize the cover design as well as the internal formatting of your book. You make sure that it is exactly how you want it. The goal in this step is to make you proud to go out and sell this book. We do all of the hard work to make the book look and feel exactly as you see fit. Then we get it set up for printing and distribution!

Lastly, we schedule one last call to get any final details needed for us to complete the ISBN and other registrations. We then issue you an ISBN number for each different format of your book (paperback, e-book, etc…). We work with distributors such as Amazon, Barns & Noble and Ingram to get your book listed in as many locations as possible and available for purchase. At this point, your new book is ready for sale!

This Is What You Get

Here are just some of the great features of the book publishing that we offer. We can customize this list for you or provide you other things that aren't even on this list. Basically if you have seen it done and you like it, we can do it for you.
  • Professionally designed cover for your new book
  • Full interior formatting for print & e-books
  • Marketing consultation on interior content
  • Help creating the ultimate title for your book
  • Registration with copyright authority
  • Submission to Library & Archives Canada
  • Assigning of an ISBN number for multiple editions
  • Help with writing of book promotional material

ONLY $3000

Books That We've Published For Our Raving Fans

Working with Jason has been fantastic. He’s taken a fairly complex process and broken it down into clear and easy to follow steps. First we worked on getting my book ready for print, including its design and cover art – both of which I am extremely happy with. Jason was also in charge of my book launch/best-seller campaign. He took care of all the back end details with precision and gave me straightforward direction on the items I had to handle personally. And most important of all, the campaign was a complete success! I am ecstatic to say I’m an Amazon Best-Seller! Thank you, Jason, for making this happen so seamlessly.
Maria GarciaAuthor - Breaking Into The Light

We Are Committed To Your Success!

We work with you through every step of the process and hold you accountable to your ultimate success in getting your new book into the hands of thousands!

What Some Of Our Raving Fans Have To Say

Bottom line, Jason is really, REALLY good at what he does. I only had a vague idea of what I wanted my business to be, and he has helped me to develop it and come up with amazing ideas that I never would have thought of on my own. He has also taught me how to seamlessly grow my business and leverage my time for maximum results. He really cares and makes sure that he is being helpful and adding value. It is an absolute pleasure to work with him.
Julie VossenNew Beginning Nutrition
Jason’s program is amazing! Following his advice, I didn’t just make it into the top 10 on the Amazon best seller list, I hit #1! This would have never happened if I were just doing this on my own. His solid communication and professionalism made him easy and stress-free to deal with. I would highly recommend his program to anyone as they won’t be disappointed!
Paul J. MeredithDating Coach & Author