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Top 3 Small Business Marketing Ideas

by admin
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One of the often most forgotten and most important aspects of any small business is their marketing. There are a lot of reasons that entrepreneurs don’t work on their small business marketing plan. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • Most small business entrepreneurs simply don’t know how to market their small business.
  • Another reason is that most small business owners don’t have a budget for their marketing.
  • Or maybe they just don’t put enough effort or emphasis on their marketing campaigns.

I have no doubt that you have an amazing product or service in your business. I also have no doubt that your product or service really does help and improve the lives of your customers but here’s the thing, if you don’t have your marketing in order then chances are you won’t be making many sales in your business.

Don’t spend even one more day without making your marketing #1.

Here are the absolute easiest and most important aspects of your marketing that you can start working on today absolutely FREE!

1) Define Your Small Business Marketing Social Media Platform

Start by making a simple decision of which social media platforms you want to focus on. You can’t ignore this step because it is a very easy, free and quick vehicle to reach millions of potential clients.

You don’t need to focus on every social media site right away. You can always work on one or two to start with and then add more later as the first one or two start working for you.

I like to focus my marketing with Facebook and Twitter to start with and then I focus on Google+ and Pinterest afterwards.

Create your profiles, and make them appealing. Invite your friends to like, comment and share your posts or tweets.

2) Write Useful Information and Always Deliver Value

One of the absolute keys to successful small business marketing is to write lots of valuable content and post to your social media profiles or your blog regularly. The goal is to give as much value to your potential clients as possible.

When posting on social media, if you simply promote your website or your product or service then you are using social media the wrong way. A good entrepreneur that uses social media marketing successfully knows that your ultimate goal is to provide value and get your followers to trust you as an authority in your marketplace.

As far as writing for your blog goes, your ultimate goal is to educate your clients not to sell. You use the content writing to teach your potential clients about your field and not necessarily about your product or service. Ideally you want to convince the readers of your blog to share your content on social media and on other social bookmarking platforms to syndicate your content and get it out as far as possible.

If you consistently write content at least once or twice a week, I can pretty much guarantee that you will see a massive increase in traffic to your website which if designed properly will do the job for you to sell your product or service.

3) Plan and Implement your Small Business Marketing Funnel


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